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Bespoke E&G Cappelli Vintage Ties

Among my recent purchases are three new bespoke pieces from the Neapolitan E&G Cappelli store, founded and managed by the ever so friendly Patrizio Cappelli. Some of you might have already spotted these beauties on Instagram, but I wanted to write about them a little bit and share some of my thoughts on men's accessories in general.

The ties I had made for me include a faded yellow vintage ancient madder tie, a dark red super repp tie and another vintage ancient madder tie with a mix of teal, nude and red. All ties are 3-fold with medium interlining and handrolled edges as well as without keepers. Both of the ancient madder ties have quite an amazing feel to them and the super repp tie with its handstitching really brings out the best of the material. All in all, I only really have one problem with these ties, and that is with some minor pulls around the stitching in the yellow one. Not sure if this has been due to the qualities of the fabric or if the quality control has just had a minor slip there, but it's still my favorite tie out of the three.

So, pretty ties and mostly great craftmanship. What I like the most about these three ties though, is how they've been prepared just for me according to my wishes and are therefore basically unique. So, they're exactly how I want them to be and I'm quite sure I will appreciate them for decades to come. Again then, we're turning this brief Sunday article into the usual preaching about avoiding buying suboptimal pieces and instead investing into items you really want (Yeah I was going to say need but seriously no one needs a hundred ties, not even me). This way you'll end up spending less in the long run and also will more likely gather a wardrobe you love and care about.

On a side note, it has to be given to Patrizio that he hasn't raised his prices through the roof, but actually keeps offering his beautiful selection of fabrics for very reasonable prices. I think the only thing more I would like is the option for handstitched monograms - I feel they would be a wonderful addition to this kind of personal pieces of clothing.

And there we are, a little text for your Sunday evening to keep in the weekly schedule. I will probably write more about the super repp tie, as it is something I've wanted for a longer time to partly occupy the spot where most people wear grenadines and other solids. Some other upcoming pieces are a few work outfits, another Vass review and some other things. Stay tuned and make sure you follow The Nordic Fit on Instagram for all the daily content. 

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