The Nordic Fit


Blue Linen Sport Coat for Summer

Summer's coming to its end here in Finland, but the weather is still pretty good. I'll be reviewing my new Linjer briefcase in a couple of days, haven't quite had the time to get it done due to some busy times at work. Here however, is a summer outfit photographed earlier.

The worn items include a linen jacket from SuitSupply, shirt from Luxire, cotton tie from Berg & Berg, cotton pocket square from Drake's London, braces from SuitSupply, trousers from a SuitSupply Havana fit suit and loafers from Alden.

A sky blue tie like this pretty much demands a white shirt, but in some cases might also be alright with a white shirt with sky blue stripes. Avoid bright colors and shiny fabrics when choosing your pocket square.

My trusty Aldens that have seen it all. Bought from eBay a long time ago, they've mostly been my designated (it's a good idea to have one - your other pairs will thank you) bar shoes and taken some beatings quite regularly. Still, they're doing alright and get to see daylight every once in a while.

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