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Boglioli K-Jacket - Green Summer Sport Coat

Green is a somewhat rare color in the modern man's wardrobe, something that's basically nonexistent in business wear and almost as rare in casual clothing as well. Apart from outerwear like army-inspired jackets and British country-inspired jackets, green is almost a color that doesn't exist. I personally own only one green piece, this particular K-Jacket from Boglioli. And as much as I love it, it doesn't really get all the wear it deserves. Combine it with tan or brown trousers and it looks always looks amazing.

The worn items include a green lightweight wool jacket from Boglioli, white chambray shirt from Luxire, raw silk tie from Berg & Berg, printed linen pocket square from Berg & Berg, braces from SuitSupply, trousers from Luxire, snuff suede Oxfords from Carmina and Vachetta leather portfolio from Berg & Berg.

The fit on the K-Jacket is quite amazing. The longer hems combined with the nicely-shaped lapels and patch pockets give it an elegant but relaxed charm, exactly what you want from your summer sport coat.

Brown and green always go well together. A puff fold like this on a linen pocket square is not something I use very often (ever), but I really like it in this instance. 

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