The Nordic Fit


Classic Menswear Inspiration for Summer 2017

In many ways it feels like the only places where there is still winter is Finland and the Game of Thrones universe. Having grown up in the frozen north though, I have great confidence that summer will return to us once again in the end. While preparing for the upcoming seasons, I was able to grab a few shots of some warm season pieces I've acquuired lately. So, here are a few inspirational pictures.

My new bespoke Sartoria Peluso sport coat paired with a salmon tussah silk tie and a complimenting pocket square.
Ring Jacket (236 fit) unstructured sport coat with a hand-finished mtm polo shirt from Cordone 1956.
Sartoria Peluso fully handmade sport coat with a striped mtm shirt and beige mtm trousers from Luxire.
Side profile.
A close up with my vintage Rolex Datejust watch. The colors are very much to my liking here.
Again, my Peluso "light wasabi" jacket, combined with a burgundy wide knit tie and a plain white pocket square.
Effortless movement provided by excellent tailoring.
As much as I love this entire jacket, the lapel is just out of this world. The way the handwork and the shape is highlighted in this linen silk blend fabric is a solid seven out of five in my books. Love it.
Even though my finally finished first bespoke suit is perhaps not really a summer suit, I couldn't help adding a few pictures from it as well.
Brown and light brown.
Again, that tasty lapel. The brachetta chest pocket is very distinctive in Peluso's house style, being a bit longer than with many other tailors.

Which one is your favorite and have you made any acquisitions for the upcoming summer?

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