The Nordic Fit


Dog Walking

From some time ago when taking care of my family's dog. I'd just got this pair of shoes at the beginning of this week and so I decided to continue breaking them in while taking the dog out. So, a more casual post and outfit, fit for any casual outing I suppose.

SuitSupply peacoat, brown wool scarf, Zara heavy burgundy knit, Equus Leather bridle leather belt, Indigofera raw denim from Nollakolme Tampere, Berg & Berg wool socks, Meermin Scotch grain double monks and a Belgian Malinois.

Obviously, a dog is the best accessory there is. Even though the Malinois is usually used as a working dog, I think she makes a fine menswear dog. Other good options would be a Boston or a Staff (my favorite).

Someone just asked me how this pair is aging, and here they are after about 5 wears. It has been a great pair so far, with the leather getting softer after each Saphir treatment. Also, the color looks especially awesome with dark raw denim.

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