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Navy Jacket With Grey Flannel Trousers

Pretty much as formal as sport coat combinations go, this Sunday's look is an example of how to combine your navy wool jacket with your flannel trousers. Having everything well fitted and keeping the colors fresh, you won't have to worry about flannel making you look like your grandpa. If anything, the soft-looking light grey fabric will just bring out the best out of the other elements.

The jacket is from Luigi Bianchi Mantova, shirt from SuitSupply, wool tie from Berg & Berg, belt from Alden, trousers from SuitSupply, socks from Berg & Berg, suede jodhpur boots from Septieme Largeur, raincoat from Sealup, scarf from SuitSupply and briefcase from Mismo.

The Berg & Berg wool tie has a super soft look to it.

Went for a plain sky blue cotton pocket square, figured the tie and shirt patterns were already enough for the whole look.

Love how the soft light grey flannel fabric and suede work together. A suede belt also adds a nice touch to the entire look.

Next week we'll have some denim and fit related information, some christmas present ideas as well as the regular outfit posts.

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