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SuitSupply's Havana Fit, Wool Accessories

One could argue SuitSupply has gone a little bit crazy with their Havana fit - their sport coat section seems to offer nothing else at the moment. The jacket worn here is my only one (I've tried on several), and it is probably my worst fitting jacket. Like most SuitSupply's products, it has been cut for a tall and narrow Dutchman. The short version has more room for the upper body, but for it to have the right proportions you would have to be at least 5cm shorter than I am (but not any wider).

Writing this I'm realizing this perhaps demands an entire article on its on, so I'll just say that I wouldn't much recommend Havana if you consider yourself having some mass around your shoulders. If you have a lot then I would suggest looking towards Italy and LBM 1911 (2801 John fit, for example) when getting an unstructured jacket. That said, if you have a narrow and a slim build SuitSupply's Havana might just offer you dozens of great options in great fabrics, all for an affordable price.

So, the jacket is from SuitSupply, wool tie from SuitSupply, shirt also from SuitSupply, pocket square from Berg & Berg (FW 12/13), belt from Alden, chinos from Incotex, socks from Bexley, chukka boots from Loake.

A wool tie from SuitSupply's latest collection, by far the best tie I've ever had from them. All the previous ones have had old used carpets as interlining but this one is actually very lightweight and ties a beautiful knot. A positive surprise.

A wool pocket square from Berg & Berg's last winter's collection. A blue and grey print on a natural white make it a versatile fall and winter option.

More on Havana and jacket fit basics later.

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