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Using Vintage Ties in Business Outfits

Vintage or vintage like ties are an interesting topic to discuss. Their charm is created by the old feel of their colors or patterns. Often they are especially charming because they are, by many standards, a little bit ugly. When I say ugly however, the somewhat silly-looking designs often have character and soul to them that is absent from almost all modern ties. Because of this, these ties are a great subtle detail to a regular work outfit or even a tasteful night out look if you're wardrobe is on the classic end of the menswear spectrum.

What sort of vintage ties do I own and how do I use them then? Well, my collection has perhaps 30 ties that would be classified as vintage. Most of them are not actually old, but they've been created with fabrics that have this feel. Some are actually old and real vintage. The way I've grown to like to use them is basically as part of my normal rotation, selecting one when I feel like it fits the rest of my outfit and just going with it. Dark ancient madder silk ties with various prints are actually among my most-used ties and I often use them even in quite formal business occasions. To see more actual examples on top of the outfit in this blog post, make sure to check my Instagram. On the blog side this and this look are good examples of utilizing a vintage or vintage like tie in your normal menswear looks.

The items worn in this outfit include my Lardini overcoat with completely reworked shoulders, Vaatturiliike Sauma mtm suit, Vaatturiliike Sauma mtm shirt, E&G Cappelli bespoke ancient madder tie, Berg & Berg linen pocket square, Albert Thurston braces, Jeeves cotton socks, Vass mto Oxfords in museum brown calf, Madova Firenze carpincho gloves and London Undercover umbrella.

While this E&G Cappelli tie is admittedly not from the most subdued end of vintage ties, it's not a piece screaming for attention either with it's faded colors. That said, it's already a bit of a "subtle statement piece" as I would call it and in that I'd say it works best with a plain pocket square and a shirt.

I really like wearing this particular tie with a light blue shirt as I feel it really compliments the beautiful print with its blue sea stars.

(Well-polished) dark-brown Oxfords are my favorite shoe color when wearing a yellow tie. Other colors that I feel do not look as good with black leather items include orange and light greens.

Keeping your shoes clean and in good shape is part of the look.

More details. My Madova Firenze carpincho leather gloves in espresso brown and London Undercover umbrella in yellow.

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