The Nordic Fit


Off-White Trousers And Brown Suede Double Monk Strap Shoes

Today's look combines navy, dark red, ivory and brown suede. As usual, I've gone with items that have an interesting texture and vibrant colors. The ivory moleskin trousers are great in that they look nowhere near as flashy as pure white trousers (and flashy is bad), but still retain that little something. A natural color that enhances other colors, making them pop.

The worn items include a Luigi Bianchi Mantova wool flannel jacket, Solosso MTO shirt, Berg & Berg silk knit tie, Drake's London printed wool silk pocket square, SuitSupply ivory moleskin trousers (Jort collection), Pantherella red wool socks, Carmina brown suede double monks in the Inca last, Sealup raincoat and a printed wool scarf from Shibumi Berlin.

The Berg & Berg knit tie clearly has a more green tint to it whereas my jacket is a more purple shade of navy. Little things you don't really notice unless in optimal lighting and staying still.

Perhaps my favorite pocket square. You can almost see the elephant.

And my new Carminas. We're currently experiencing the warmest winter I can remember, and most streets have already been cleared from the gravel normally used to keep us walking during the icy and snowy months. That means you can pretty much use any shoes you want.

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